Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daddy Issues

Women tend to subconsciously choose a mate based on their relationship with their fathers. If the father's love was unpredictable (sometimes loving, sometimes distant; withdrawing love as a form of punishment), the girl will usually choose a man who is similar.

Somehow we seem to choose what we know, usually without even realizing it, and even if it makes us unhappy. This is often manifested into the classic girl falling for a "bad" boy.

Occasionally, a woman will be aware of the behavior, and that she does not like it, and therefore, consciously choose a man who displays different characteristics. 

Sometimes a girl just gets lucky and happens to fall for a man without the negative characteristics of her father.

While the best situation is a father who cherishes his daughter and always makes her feel loved and valued, even this can cause a woman to be taken advantage of if she is not aware that this is not always true of all men. 

A father should not only treat his daughter as a jewel and protect her, he should also teach her the difference between good and bad behavior towards women, so she knows what to expect as well as what not to tolerate.

Deedra is originally from Arkansas; an attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona; a diversity expert and motivational speaker with The Ambassador Project; and has a blog at where she shares her perspectives based on questions and experiences. Follow Deedra on Twitter @askdeedra

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